Publications - Publications 2024

Carter KA, France MT, Rutt L, Bilski L, Martinez-Greiwe S, Regan M, Brotman RM, Ravel J

Sexual transmission of urogenital bacteria: whole metagenome sequencing evidence from a sexual network study, mSphere. 2024 Feb 15

Kucera CW, Chappell NP, Tian C, Richardson MT, Tarney CM, Hamilton CA, Chan JK, Kapp DS, Leath CA, Casablanca Y, Rojas C, Sitler CA, Wenzel L, Klopp A, Jones NL, Rocconi RP, Farley JH, O'Connor TD, Shriver CD, Bateman NW, Conrads TP, Phippen NT, Maxwell GL, Darcy KM

Survival disparities in non-Hispanic Black and White cervical cancer patients vary by histology and are largely explained by modifiable factors, Gynecologic oncology. 2024 Feb 09

Holm JB, France MT, Gajer P, Ma B, Brotman RM, Shardell M, Forney L, Ravel J

Correction: Integrating compositional and functional content to describe vaginal microbiomes in health and disease, Microbiome. 2024 Feb 06

Robbins SJ, Brown SE, Stennett CA, Tuddenham S, Johnston ED, Wnorowski AM, Ravel J, He X, Mark KS, Brotman RM

Uterine fibroids and longitudinal profiles of the vaginal microbiota in a cohort presenting for transvaginal ultrasound, PloS one. 2024 Feb 05

Eshel M, Milon B, Hertzano R, Elkon R

The cells of the sensory epithelium, and not the stria vascularis, are the main cochlear cells related to the genetic pathogenesis of age-related hearing loss, American journal of human genetics. 2024 Feb 02

Rodriguez I, Rossi NM, Keskus AG, Xie Y, Ahmad T, Bryant A, Lou H, Paredes JG, Milano R, Rao N, Tulsyan S, Boland JF, Luo W, Liu J, O'Hanlon T, Bess J, Mukhina V, Gaykalova D, Yuki Y, Malik L, Billingsley KJ, Blauwendraat C, Carrington M, Yeager M, Mirabello L, Kolmogorov M, Dean M

Insights into the mechanisms and structure of breakage-fusion-bridge cycles in cervical cancer using long-read sequencing, American journal of human genetics. 2024 Jan 25

Winkler SS, Tian C, Casablanca Y, Bateman NW, Jokajtys S, Kucera CW, Tarney CM, Chan JK, Richardson MT, Kapp DS, Liao CI, Hamilton CA, Leath CA, Reddy M, Cote ML, O'Connor TD, Jones NL, Rocconi RP, Powell MA, Farley J, Shriver CD, Conrads TP, Phippen NT, Maxwell GL, Darcy KM

Racial, ethnic and country of origin disparities in aggressive endometrial cancer histologic subtypes, Gynecologic oncology. 2024 Jan 25

Meeker TJ, Kim HJ, Tulloch IK, Keaser ML, Seminowicz DA, Dorsey SG

Secondary analysis: heat and self-report pain sensitivity associate with biological sex and racialized sociocultural group but may not be mediated by anxiety or pain catastrophizing, Pain reports. 2024 Jan 24

Vagias H, Byrne ML, Millist L, White O, Clough M, Fielding J

Visuo-Cognitive Phenotypes in Early Multiple Sclerosis: A Multisystem Model of Visual Processing, Journal of clinical medicine. 2024 Jan 23

Meiller TF, Fraser CM, Grant-Beurmann S, Humphrys M, Tallon L, Sadzewicz LD, Jabra-Rizk MA, Alfaifi A, Kensara A, Molitoris JK, Witek M, Mendes WS, Regine WF, Tran PT, Miller RC, Sultan AS

A Longitudinal Metagenomic Comparative Analysis of Oral Microbiome Shifts in Patients Receiving Proton Radiation versus Photon Radiation for Head and Neck Cancer, Journal of cancer & allied specialties. 2024 Jan 22

Ren L, Ling X, Alexander G, Molitoris J, Choi J, Schumaker L, Mehra R, Gaykalova D

Radiomic Biomarkers of Locoregional Recurrence: Prognostic Insights from Oral Cavity Squamous Cell Carcinoma preoperative CT scans, Research square. 2024 Jan 22

Burris HH, Yang N, Riis V, Valeri L, South EC, Ravel J, Elovitz MA

The role of neighborhood deprivation in the cervicovaginal microbiota, American journal of obstetrics & gynecology MFM. 2024 Jan 19

Adediran TY, Robinson GL, Johnson JK, Liang Y, Bejo S, Leekha S, Rasko DA, Stine OC, Harris AD, Thom KA

Factors associated with patient-to-healthcare personnel (HCP) and HCP-to-subsequent patient transmission of methicillin-resistant , Infection control and hospital epidemiology. 2024 Jan 18

Ma B, Li Q, Zhang J, Mi Y, Tan W, Guo Z

Improvement of the Antioxidant and Antitumor Activities of Benzimidazole-Chitosan Quaternary Ammonium Salt on Drug Delivery Nanogels, Marine drugs. 2024 Jan 11

Dorsey SG, Mocci E, Lane MV, Krueger BK

Rapid effects of valproic acid on the fetal brain transcriptome: Implications for brain development and autism, Research square. 2024 Jan 10

Mehta R, Hochberg M, Shardell M, Ryan A, Dong Y, Beamer BA, Peer J, Stuart EA, Schuler M, Gallo JJ, Rathbun AM

Evaluation of Dynamic Effects of Depressive Symptoms on Physical Function in Knee Osteoarthritis, Arthritis care & research. 2024 Jan 10

Liu XY, Jiang RC, Ma B, Wang Y, Yang YZ, Xu C, Sun F, Tan BC

Maize requires Embryo defective27 for embryogenesis and seedling development, Plant physiology. 2024 Jan 10

Kumar A, Brown RA, Roufaeil DB, Gupta A, Lipford EL, Muthusamy D, Zalzman A, Hertzano R, Lowe T, Stains JP, Zalzman M

DeepFreeze 3D-biofabrication for Bioengineering and Storage of Stem Cells in Thick and Large-Scale Human Tissue Analogs, Advanced science (Weinheim, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany). 2024 Jan 06

Jin Y, Yang X, Sun H, Zhang J, Yang S, Jiang S, Song Q, Zhang G, Ma B, Yang K, Pan L, Huang L, Li Y

Global, Regional, and National Burdens of Otitis Media From 1990 to 2019: A Population Based Study, Ear and hearing. 2024 Jan 05

Nguyen M, Clough M, Cruse B, van der Walt A, Fielding J, White OB

Exploring Factors That Prolong the Diagnosis of Myasthenia Gravis, Neurology. Clinical practice. 2024 Jan 04

Zheng Y, Xue J, Ma B, Huan Z, Wu C, Zhu Y

Mesoporous Bioactive Glass-Graphene Oxide Composite Aerogel with Effective Hemostatic and Antibacterial Activities, ACS applied bio materials. 2024 Jan 03

Hall B, Levy S, Dufault-Thompson K, Arp G, Zhong A, Ndjite GM, Weiss A, Braccia D, Jenkins C, Grant MR, Abeysinghe S, Yang Y, Jermain MD, Wu CH, Ma B, Jiang X

BilR is a gut microbial enzyme that reduces bilirubin to urobilinogen, Nature microbiology. 2024 Jan 03