Education - Summer Internships

We have not yet determined our plans for internships for summer 2021. Due to covid, if we host any interns, they will be in informatics-only positions. Email Michelle Giglio with questions or to express interest. Again, we are not certain whether we will host interns or not for summer 2021.

IGS has a long history of hosting high school and college students for summer internships. Types of work students might engage in include: computer coding, lab tasks (e.g. DNA extractions), analysis tasks (e.g. genome annotation), and outreach.

Request an internship or more information:
There are a limited number of slots for summer interns. Requests to be considered for summer should be received by March 1st. Please send an email stating your areas of interest and attach your resume. To submit requests, or for more information, please email Michelle Gwinn Giglio.