New Research Shows How Brain Inflammation in Children May Cause Neurological Disorders

Findings show inflammation stops some neurons from maturing in the developing brain, which could open the door to new treatments.

February 2024

Women's Health: The Next Microbiome Frontier

Jacques Ravel, PhD, discusses the role of the microbiome in women’s health.

January 2024

How a Parasitic Worm Forces Praying Mantises to Drown Themselves

In Scientific American, Julie Dunning Hotopp, PhD, comments on a study on horizontal gene transfer that may have allowed a worm that kills praying mantises.

December 2023

The Vaginal Microbiome May Affect Health More than We Thought

In Scientific American, Johanna Holm, PhD, and Jacques Ravel, PhD, discuss their research showing that combinations of microbes in the vaginal microbiome may influence health outcomes such as risk of sexually transmitted disease and preterm birth

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