Transcriptome Data Atlas

Researchers generate extensive transcriptome data atlas of Streptococcus pneumoniae Host-Pathogen Interactions

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March 2021

WJZ interview with Dr. Ravel re: variant testing

TV interview on variant testing....

March 2021

IGS Helps Maryland Conduct State-wide Sequencing of Variants in Positive COVID19 Tests

In an effort to monitor the spread of COVID-19 variants in the State of Maryland, UMSOM Dean Reece, MD, PhD, MBA, announced that UMaryland Genomics.....

March 2021

Scientists Sequence 64 Human Genomes As New Reference for Genetic Diversity

An international team of collaborating scientists has published details of their work to sequence 64 full human genomes, representing 25 different human populations.....

  • Publication data is not currently available. Please check back soon.

join us 4/15 11 am EST - our seminar series @marakat
Mara Lawniczak, Ph.D. fr @wellcome Sanger Institute
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