Probiotic Bacteria Strain in Preemies Seems to Protect and Strengthen the Gut

New research from the University of Maryland School of Medicine’s (UMSOM) Institute for Genome Sciences (IGS), published online in the journal mBio in June found it is not just the content of breastmilk that makes the difference.

December 2021

IGS Faculty Co-Mentors Student Winner of AMA Research Challenge

Bioinformatics and Microbial Genomics Focused Research is Top Paper out of Over 1000 Submissions....

September 2021

UM SOM - IGS Researchers Work to Understand Hearing Loss from Noise Damage through Gene Expression Changes

Findings suggest several FDA-approved drugs, such as a common diabetes medication and anesthetics, could protect from noise-related hearing loss.....

September 2021

IGS Receives $7.5 Million Grant to Create Complex Model of Female Reproductive Tract to Study Infections

Research Will Help Identify Mechanisms by Which the Microbiome Affects the Susceptibility to Sexually Transmitted Infections

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Introduction to R for Data Visualization

This workshop provides a basic introduction to the R language and visualizing data.

May 23-25th

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Omics Basics: Revealing the Regulatory Genome with Epigenomics

Presenter: Seth Ament, PhD

May 30th 12-1 pm,
HSF III 1010 or virtual

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