Mapping the Motor Cortex

IGS researchers take part in a landmark research initiative on categorizing brain cells highlighted in Nature

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December 2021

IGS Faculty Co-Mentors Student Winner of AMA Research Challenge

Bioinformatics and Microbial Genomics Focused Research is Top Paper out of Over 1000 Submissions....

September 2021

UM SOM - IGS Researchers Work to Understand Hearing Loss from Noise Damage through Gene Expression Changes

Findings suggest several FDA-approved drugs, such as a common diabetes medication and anesthetics, could protect from noise-related hearing loss.....

September 2021

IGS Receives $7.5 Million Grant to Create Complex Model of Female Reproductive Tract to Study Infections

Research Will Help Identify Mechanisms by Which the Microbiome Affects the Susceptibility to Sexually Transmitted Infections

  • A recombinant human collagen hydrogel for the treatment of partial-thickness burns: A prospective, self-controlled clinical study., Burns : journal of the International Society for Burn Injuries 2021-01-02

  • Comparative Analysis of Genome of Ehrlichia sp. HF, a Model Bacterium to Study Fatal Human Ehrlichiosis., BMC genomics 2021-01-06

  • Chitinase 3-like-1 is a Therapeutic Target That Mediates the Effects of Aging in COVID-19., bioRxiv : the preprint server for biology 2021-01-06

NIH Launches $42.5M Program to Establish Function of Every Human Gene #Genetics #Genomics #genes #proteins
Epigenetic Memory Transfers Through Generations to Grandoffspring in Model Organism #Genetics #Genomics #DNA…
Viruses to Fight Superbugs? Scientists Are Working on It via @wired #phages #virus #antibiotics
#Autism, #ADHD Found to Have Overlapping and Distinct Genetic Contributions #Genetics #Genomics



Frontiers in Genomics SYMPOSIUM 2022

October 19th, 20228:00 am - 2:30 pm

A Celebration of the Institute for Genome Sciences’
15th Anniversary

Please join us for a day of discussion and scientific exchange, as we host internationally recognized scientists who will share their views on how genomics is driving innovation in medicine.

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