GCID Genomic Centers for Infectious Diseases

IGS was awarded $17.5 million from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) to fund the Genome Center for Infectious Diseases (GCID) for another five years...

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March 2020

First Vaginal Microbiota Transplants in US to Begin at Mass General

Dr. Jacques Ravel interviewed in this article about vaginal microbiota transplants....

March 2020

IGS Director, Claire Fraser, Begins Year as President AAAS

Science Magazine, interviews Dr. Claire Fraser, as she begins her term as President AAAS....

February 2020

Microbiome Q&A - New Study Maps the Vagina's Optimal.....

The widely-held notion that the “optimal” vaginal microbiota is dominated by one strain of lactic-acid producing bacteria has now been challenged in a new paper,

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an amazing story - she's quite impressive
well, done, all - an excellent program - #TheGenePBS
a great time to learn more re: #genomics
Optimization of parasite DNA enrichment approaches to generate whole #genomesequencing data for #Plasmodium falcipa…




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