Education - Omics Basics

Omics Basics

The Omics Basics series provides the UMB campus community with introductory information on omics and bioinformatics approaches and tools.

The Institute for Genome Sciences (IGS) is hosting a lunchtime presentation series geared to those who are novices with regard to omics and bioinformatics. The sessions will be very introductory and will focus on the approaches, applications, and tools associated with omics and bioinformatics (including genomics, transcriptomics (gene expression), microbiomes/metagenomics, statistics, etc.)

Time: Presentations will be held from noon-1:00. Upcoming events can be viewed on the IGS Events Calendar. Attendees are welcome to bring and eat their lunches during the presentations. We will provide dessert.

Location: HSRF III (670 W. Baltimore St.), Room 3020, within the Institute for Genome Sciences.

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If you have questions about any of these activities, please contact Michelle Gwinn-Giglio Ph.D., IGS Academic and Outreach Coordinator.