Careers - Affiliate Faculty Membership


  1. The Institute for Genome Sciences is an international research center within the University of Maryland School of Medicine. Comprised of an inter-disciplinary, multi-department team of investigators, the Institute uses the powerful tools of genomics and bioinformatics to understand genome function in health and disease, to study molecular and cellular networks in a variety of model systems, and to generate data and bioinformatics resources of value to the international scientific community. Affiliate membership is granted to University of Maryland collaborators who can contribute to enhancing and maximizing multi-disciplinary research efforts in genomics and bioinformatics and who can provide and enhance education about genomics and bioinformatics at all levels.

  2. Affiliate Guidelines

    Affiliate membership is open to University of Maryland faculty who will promote the basic research, collaboration and teaching missions of the Institute for Genome Sciences.

  3. Affiliates

    Affiliate members are University of Maryland faculty who hold an academic appointment and who demonstrate a recent and promising history of peer-reviewed, extramural funding for genomics related investigations, must have recent genomic-related publications (last three years) in peer-reviewed professional journals and are major contributors in the development of genomic-related research and teaching.

  4. Responsibilities of Affiliate Membership

    1. Support the basic concept, mission, and goals of the Institute for Genome Sciences.
    2. Participate fully in collaborative efforts and communications about research initiatives.
    3. Submit the information requested in the Affiliate Application, and update affiliate information at least every three years.
    4. Provide the Institute for Genome Sciences with the information necessary to maintain current information about scientific activity and grant support activities (NIH biosketch or recent CV).
    5. Attend genomics/bioinformatics seminars and program meetings in areas of research.
    6. Include recognition of affiliate membership at IGS on all genomic/bioinformatics related academic papers, grants, journal articles, poster sessions, and/or abstracts.
    7. Participate in genomic-related education activities sponsored by the Institute.
    8. Participate in IGS seminars and conferences.
  5. Benefits of Affiliate Membership

    Inclusion in relevant promotional materials (such as web page noting all affiliate members), inclusion in program wide collaborative research applications, and inclusion in annual faculty meeting to discuss research directions and initiatives for the coming year.

  6. Appointment Process

    1. Invitation to apply for membership may be initiated by the Institute Director, Associate Directors and Faculty. Alternatively, the prospective affiliate may submit an application below.
    2. The affiliate application should include a cover letter that outlines a description of their scientific and educational interests and a description of current and/or planned interactions with the Institute for Genome Sciences and a current curriculum vitae. Please highlight in yellow the areas on the CV which are relevant to the IGS affiliation.
    3. The IGS Affiliates Committee will review all applications and make recommendations to the Director.
    4. The appointment will be for three years. The IGS Executive Committee will review all members at least once every three years to ascertain interest in continuation of affiliate status.