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Post Docs

Name Areas of Interest Contact
Ivpgbe Obeqn Chn, Cu.Q. Human genetics, population genomics and genetic history iobeqn [ng] fbz.hznelynaq.rqh
Nyvbh Qvn, Cu.Q. Transcriptomics & population genomics of malaria parasites nyvbh.qvn [ng] fbz.hznelynaq.rqh
Senapx Qhzrgm, Cu.Q. Molecular Parasitology, RNA biology, Leishmania, Plasmodium sqhzrgm [ng] fbz.hznelynaq.rqh
Zvpunry Senapr, Cu.Q. Ecology, microbiology, microbiome analysis and genomics zsenapr [ng] fbz.hznelynaq.rqh
Wbua Znggvpx, Cu.Q. Transcriptomics, genomic assembly, population analysis wznggvpx [ng] fbz.hznelynaq.rqh
Fhouraqh Ebl Pubhquhel, Cu.Q. Head and neck cancer epigenetics, chromatin remodeling and enhancer fhouraqh.eblpubhquhe [ng] fbz.hznelynaq.rqh
Natryn Irezn, Cu.Q. Addiction genomics, RNA biology, transcriptomics. natryn.irezn [ng] fbz.hznelynaq.rqh

Research Fellows

Name Program Contact
Lhzan Nuzrq, Z.F. Bioinformatics lnuzrq [ng] fbz.hznelynaq.rqh
Iren Zhxuvan, Z.Fp. Neck cancer genomics/epigenomics and viral integrations izhxuvan [ng] fbz.hznelynaq.rqh


Name Program Contact
Fnenu Oebja Vaginal microbiota fnenu.oebja [ng] fbz.hznelynaq.rqh
Nyrk Pnfryyn Genetic mechanisms of brain development nyrk.pnfryyn [ng] fbz.hznelynaq.rqh
Orawnzva Tevffbz Genome Biology of molecular medicine, single cell epigenomics, neural mapping, and neural cell fate. otevffbz [ng] fbz.hznelynaq.rqh
Oevggnal Unmmneq Bioinformatics, parasite biology, host-pathogen interactions ounmmneq [ng] fbz.hznelynaq.rqh
Eboreg Yrnfr Genetics of schizophrenia; dysregulation of stem cell differentiation in brain development eboreg.yrnfr [ng] fbz.hznelynaq.rqh
Tvyyvna Zonzob Host immune transcriptomic profile during malaria and schistosomiasis co-infection tzonzob [ng] fbz.hznelynaq.rqh
Oreanqvar Zbanev Vaginal microbiota of transgender persons; impact of microbiota on immune responses ozbanev [ng] hznelynaq.rqh
Evyrl Evfgrra Fungal pathogenesis evyrl.evfgrra [ng] fbz.hznelynaq.rqh
Nyrknaqen Fbner Fungus-host interactions, mucormycosis nfbner [ng] fbz.hznelynaq.rqh
Xvrena Groora Bioinformatics, parasite biology, host-pathogen interactions xvreana.groora [ng] fbz.hznelynaq.rqh
Qvnar Greel Retrotransposable elements qvnar.greel [ng] hznelynaq.rqh
Lvjrv Lnat Parasite genomics lvjrv.lnat [ng] fbz.hznelynaq.rqh