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Exchanging scientific ideas and exploring the latest scientific research is one of our Institute's priorities. Towards that end, we host a variety of events for all types of audiences. Anyone is welcome to attend these events, and we hope you will join us.

  • In our IGS seminar program, we host internationally recognized scientists, as well as our own faculty, who are sharing their research in genomics, bioinformatics, systems biology and personalized medicine. For more information, please contact David Serre PhD and Jacques Ravel PhD scientific co-chairs of the Seminar Committee, or Riham Keryakos, administrative co-chair. All seminars are held in the Health Sciences Facility III Lecture Hall 1010 from 11am to noon, unless otherwise noted.
  • In our Omics Basics Lunchtime Learning Series we provide information to those who are novices in the areas of genomics and bioinformatics to give them an introduction to these approaches and how they might be useful for their research programs. For more information please visit our Omics Basics web page.
  • IGS offers in-depth, multi-day Training Workshops on several areas of omics and bioinformatics where attendees engage in hands-on activities aimed at giving them real-world experience they can apply to their research. For more information please visit our workshops page.
Upcoming Events
  • There are no planned events at this time.