Informatics Resource Center - Anup Mahurkar

Anup Mahurkar is the Executive Director of Software Engineering & Information Technology at IGS. Anup has extensive experience in the fields of genomics and health sciences and has worked as a researcher, engineer, and manager for the past 16 years overseeing the work of scientists, managers, engineers, and IT professionals in research environments. At IGS, Anup is responsible for development of software tools and analysis systems for genome sequencing, assembly, annotation, and gene expression. Anup is also responsible for the development of the IT infrastructure necessary to support the high-throughput sequence generation and analysis. His areas of expertise include bioinformatics tool development, large scalable analysis systems, database design, and high throughput computing architecture and application development. Prior to joining IGS in July 2007, Anup was the Director of Software Engineering at TIGR/JCVI.

Anup has directed a number of open-source projects at IGS and TIGR/JCVI that include PANDA (protein and nucleotide data archive), Workflow, Manatee, Pathema, Gemina, and BRC Central. PANDA is a system built to perform taxonomy based protein clustering used extensively at TIGR/JCVI and IGS to improve microbial and eukaryotic annotation. Workflow is a pipeline execution and management system central to the development of analysis pipelines in use at JCVI, Camera (UCSD), and IGS. This tool has also been deployed at other bioinformatics research institutions worldwide. Some applications have been used extensively in high profile scientific research including the analysis of the Sargasso Sea metagenomic data at TIGR/JCVI. His contributions to web projects such as Pathema and BRC Central include the design and development of a 3-tier architecture that has allowed these tools to be made portable to many different database systems including Sybase, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. He has extensive experience in assembly and closure and helped build TIGR's sequence editing tool Cloe, automated closure tool, AutoCloser, and assembler pipeline CARun. In addition, Anup built TIGR's second-generation laboratory information management system (LIMS), Tracker, and was instrumental in the acquisition and deployment of a LIMS system at IGS.


Gulbarga University, Karnataka, India
B.E., Electronics Engineering, 1986

University of Maryland University College
MBA, International Marketing, 1995


2007-Present - Director Software Engineering & IT, Institute for Genome Sciences, Baltimore, MD

1999-2006 - Director, Software Engineering, The Institute for Genomic Research, Rockville, MD

1992-1998 - Visiting Associate, National Eye Institute, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD

1986-1992 - Software Engineer, Suri Group of Industries, Hyderabad, AP, India

Research Interests

Mr. Mahurkar's research interests include bioinformatics tool development, scalable analysis systems, database design, Cloud Computing, and high-throughput computing architecture and application development.


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