Education - Transcriptome Analysis Workshop

VIRTUAL Transcriptome Analysis Workshop

This workshop will provide a detailed introduction to transcriptome sequencing and informatics concepts. It will provide training on analyses of RNA-Seq data including the use of different analytical tools, relevant file formats, reference genomes, transcriptome annotations, quality control measures, reference-based alignment, gene expression, and differential gene and isoform analyses. These tutorials will be accompanied by hands-on exercises using complete analytical pipelines on test datasets.

Included topics

  • Transcriptome sequencing techniques
  • QC considerations
  • Read alignment with Bowtie, and HISat
  • Expression quantification using HTSeq
  • Differential expression with DEseq
  • Isoform analysis with Cufflinks
  • Differential Isoform analysis with CuffDiff
  • Pathway Analysis with IPA, GOrilla, and DAVID
  • Primer on single-cell RNASeq

Dates and Registration

The registration fee for this workshop is $325 for general rate, $125 for student rate.

Sept. 15-17, 2020


Location and Times

This workshop will be completely virtual. Specific times for sessions within the dates for the workshop will be announced at a later time.


Please send any questions to Michelle Giglio (mgiglio AT