Education - Introduction to Python for Bioinformatics

Introduction to Python for Bioinformatics

This workshop provides a basic introduction to Python. No prior programming experience is expected or required, however the workshop does move fairly quickly. The workshop is designed to give biologists some fundamental skills to operate in a Linux/Unix environment and to use scripts to manipulate data files and engage in analysis.

Included topics

  • Introduction to the Linux operating system
  • Python including conditionals, arrays, loops, espressions, functions, data structures, subroutines, and modules
  • Data visualization/ Plotting in Python

Registration Info

The registration fee for this workshop is $375 for general registration and $175 for students.

The workshop has concluded, please check back for future dates


This virtual workshop will be held 11:00 am - 5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time (Washington, DC, USA) on September 12-16th, 2022. Workshop materials and recordings of workshop sessions will be available to participants for six months after the workshop.


Please send any questions to Joe Receveur (jreceveur AT