Education - IGS Microbiome Analysis Workshop

Microbiome Analysis Workshop

This workshop will provide attendees with in-depth training on analysis of bacterial community sequence data, both whole metagenome shotgun and 16S. Tools for community and functional profiling will be explored. The workshop is hands-on with attendees performing analyses and looking at results.

Included topics

  • Introduction to Linux
  • Introduction & Metadata coordination
  • Sampling considerations
  • Sequencing of metagenomics samples
  • 16S analysis and hands on exercises using R Studio and dada2
  • Cloud computing using AWS
  • Whole metagenome sequence analysis and hands on exercise using MetaPhlAn & HUMAnN
  • Metatranscriptomics

(order of topics may be subject to change)

Registration Info

The registration fee for this workshop is $375 for general rate, $175 for student rate.

The workshop has concluded, please check back for future dates

Location and Times

This virtual workshop will be held 11:00 am - 6:00 pm Eastern Standard Time (Washington, DC, USA) on December 5th- 9th. December 6th-9th will consist of a series of lectures, group Q&A sessions, and hands-on training. December 5th will provide an introduction to the command line, Linux and software installation geared towards participants with limited or no prior bioinformatic or coding experience.

Workshop materials and recordings of lectures and live sessions will be available for six months following the workshop to assist individuals who may have time conflicts or wish to rewatch a lecture.


Please send any questions to Joe Receveur (jreceveur AT