Education - IGS Microbiome Analysis Workshop

VIRTUAL Microbiome Analysis Workshop

This workshop will provide attendees with in-depth training on analysis of bacterial community sequence data, both whole metagenome shotgun and 16S. Tools for community and functional profiling will be explored. The workshop is hands-on with attendees performing analyses and looking at results.

Included topics

  • Introduction to Linux (Optional)
  • Introduction & Metadata coordination
  • Sampling considerations
  • Sequencing of metagenomics samples
  • 16S analysis and hands on exercises using R Studio and dada2
  • Cloud computing using AWS
  • Whole metagenome sequence analysis and hands on exercise using MetaPhlAn2 & HUMAnN2 via Docker
  • Metatranscriptomics

(order of topics may be subject to change)

Registration Info

The registration fee for this workshop is $375 for general rate, $175 for student rate.

Nov. 10-13, 2020


Location and Times

This workshop will be completely virtual. Specific times for sessions within the dates for the workshop will be announced at a later time.


Please send any questions to Michelle Giglio (mgiglio AT