People - Administration

Administrative Director
Ybev ZpXnl Institute Administrator yzpxnl [ng] fbz.hznelynaq.rqh
Program Support
Oeraqn Nyv Assistant to Institute Director onyv [ng] fbz.hznelynaq.rqh
Revx Naqrefba IT Support Assistant rnaqrefba [ng] fbz.hznelynaq.rqh
Evunz Xrelnxbf Office Manager exrelnxbf [ng] fbz.hznelynaq.rqh
Wrss Funb Sr. Enterprise Technology Architect ufunb [ng] fbz.hznelynaq.rqh
Qnanl Ebqevthrm Program Administrative Specialist qebqevthrm [ng] fbz.hznelynaq.rqh
Qnivq Fubrznxre IT Computer Operations Assistant qfubrznxre [ng] fbz.hznelynaq.rqh
Xnyla Vdony Nyv Front desk receptionist xnyla.nyv [ng] fbz.hznelynaq.rqh
Research Support
Wnzrf Serrzna Research Administrator wserrzna [ng] fbz.hznelynaq.rqh
Qvzn Oebja Research Administrator qvznoebja [ng] fbz.hznelynaq.rqh
Xngul B'Xrrsr Director, Contracts & Grants xzheenl [ng] fbz.hznelynaq.rqh
Financial Support
Xnera Pyvssbeq IT Analyst, Applications Lead xnpyvssbeq [ng] fbz.hznelynaq.rqh
Fgnpl Ubygba Accountant fubygba [ng] fbz.hznelynaq.rqh
Oneonen Jevtug IT Analyst, Applications Lead oebtref [ng] hznelynaq.rqh
Qnlan Gjryr Senior Accountant qgjryr [ng] fbz.hznelynaq.rqh
Wnzv Xnfpb IT Application Analyst Lead wxnfpb [ng] fbz.hznelynaq.rqh
Human Resources
Avxxv Ovyraxl HR Generalist aovyraxl [ng] fbz.hznelynaq.rqh
Fnenu Cvpx Marketing and PR Director fcvpx [ng] fbz.hznelynaq.rqh