Education - Community Outreach

In our few years on the UMB campus, and in our West Baltimore neighborhood, we have developed several new science educational programs and are participating in several programs with our UMB and UM BioPark colleagues. In the past few years, our programs have included:

  • Half-day hands-on programs for Middle School and Elementary School students to engage them in biology and to introduce them to the wonders of genomic science.
  • Participating on the President's Outreach Council - The Outreach Council was established to provide enrichment activities for children at a local elementary, middle and high school.
  • Hosting science demonstrations at the UM BioPark's BioBlast, a day of hands-on science exploration and fun for local school children. BioBlast activities for students ranged from studying the feeding behaviors of live bugs to building models of DNA.
  • Hosting a Young Women In Bio event - WIB works with hosting organizations to plan programs for middle school girls to encourage interest in the sciences. In May 2012, IGS hosted girls from the greater Baltimore area for an informal discussion about science careers, and a hands-on lab activity extracting DNA from strawberries. Then, the girls relaxed with IGS employees for a pizza dinner.
  • Field trip visitors - IGS has developed 2-3 hour field trip events which will be made available to schools in the greater Baltimore metropolitan area starting in the fall of 2012. Check back for more information.

As our Institute grows, we are exploring new interactions with our community partners. We welcome your inquiries.