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Learning genomic coding
Dr. Robin Saunders

A group at UMB launched an innovative program called the CURE Scholars Program. CURE, an acronym for the Continuing Umbrella of Research Experiences, is supported by the NCI and is developed from a diversity training model developed by NCI’s Center to Reduce Cancer Health Disparities.

The UMB CURE program is led by Dr. Robin Saunders and it identifies promising middle school students in Baltimore and prepares them for health care and research careers through hands-on experiences and intensive mentorship. “CURE is thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with IGS,” Dr. Saunders commented, “It’s imperative that we offer students meaningful STEM opportunities that will enrich and further their understanding of the field.”


“Participating in the CURE summer program was both challenging and fun. I love it when kids get excited about science,” said Dr. Giglio.

For two weeks this summer, Dr. Michelle Giglio organized Camp CURE in the BioPark as part of the 6-week CURE summer program. Dr. Giglio, Associate Professor, Medicine, leads IGS’ Educational and Outreach initiatives.

The program topics focused on teaching the students some basics of biology and ecology with activities including building models of DNA, building models of cells, acting out the jobs of organelles, understanding ecosystems, taxonomic classification, sequence translation/variation, and learning about bacterial communities. Dr. Greg Carey from the School of Medicine also participated for one morning of the program and ran an activity illustrating metabolism.