Analysis Tools

Users must have paired-end Illumina reads as starting material for LGTSeek. LGTView is a visualization tool to be used with LGTSeek that incorporates TwinBLAST results. TwinBLAST can also be used separately

All pipelines and supporting software will be made available in a VM, which is a piece of software that encapsulates an entire operating system and can be bundled with pre-installed and pre- configured applications. VMs can be easily distributed over the Internet and executed anywhere including a local machine or a cloud infrastructure such as Amazon EC2. Therefore, the individual’s raw or processed data will not be hosted. Rather, the user maintains control over, and responsibility for, their data.

There are three usage paths available to the user:


  • LGTSeek can be used to detect the recent integration of DNA from paired end Illumina data with some knowledge about the donor and/or recipient genome.
  • TwinBLAST was developed to allow for easy visual inspection of two BLAST reports simultaneously.
  • LGTView is an interactive visualization tool.