Genomics Resource Center - Lisa DeShong Sadzewicz

In 2008, Lisa joined IGS as Administrative Director of the Genomics Resource Center (GRC). Over the past 16 years, she has developed extensive experience with sequencing and genomic technologies, including managing and scheduling large-scale genomic research projects. Prior to joining the GRC, she was the Operations Director for the Biopolymer Genomics Core Facility (BGCF) at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. Lisa's efforts supported the research of more than 250 UMSOM and external principal investigators per year. During that period, she worked with DNA sequencing and synthesis, microarray analysis and genome wide association studies. Lisa received two different patents for her research work with BRCA1, and susceptibility mutations for breast and ovarian cancer. Here at the GRC, the team combines their expertise of a large sequencing center with the genome project management and customization options of an academic center.


B.S., Biology, 1989, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio

M.S. Program, Pathology, Credits, 08/90 to 06/91, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio

Ph.D., Policy Sciences, Public Health Concentration, February, 2007, University of Maryland Baltimore County, Baltimore, Maryland

Work History:

7/2008 to Present, University of Maryland, School of Medicine, Institute for Genome Sciences, Genomics Resource Center, Baltimore, Maryland, 21201., Administrative Director

10/95 to 7/2008, University of Maryland, School of Medicine, Office of Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies, Baltimore Maryland, 21201, Operations Director of the Biopolymer Genomics Core Facility

06/05 to 01/06, University of Maryland, Center for School Based Mental Health Analysis and Action, Baltimore, Maryland, Policy Analyst Consultant

01/94 to 09/95, OncorMed, Gaithersburg, Maryland, Clinical and Research Sequence Supervisor

06/92 to 01/94, Uniformed Services University, Bethesda, Maryland, Chemist


Jean M. Gudas, Hoang Nguyen, Tao Li, Lisa Sadzewicz, Robert Robey, Katja Wosikowksi, and Kenneth H. Cowan. CANCER BIOLOGY: Drug-resistant breast cancer cells frequently retain expression of a functional wild-type p53 protein. Carcinogenesis 1996 17: 1417-1427; doi:10.1093/carcin/17.7.1417.

US Patent 5756294, Susceptibility mutation for breast and ovarian cancer, issued on May 26, 1998. Inventors: Lisa Sadzewicz & Marga White

International Patent WO/1999/029903, Cancer susceptibility mutations of BRCA1, issued on June 17, 1999. Inventors: Lisa Sadzewicz; Bin Zeng; Marga White; Denise Thurber; Antonette Allen; Patricia Murphy; Jennifer Lescallet; Tammy Lawrence; Tracy Angelly; Sheri Olson.