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Sterling is a Postdoctoral Fellow in Dr. Seth Ament’s lab. She is currently studying the role of SETD1A mutations in the pathogenesis of schizophrenia focusing on the early stages of neurodevelopment. She uses ChIP-seq and RIME techniques to explore binding partners and target genes of SETD1A to elucidate the mechanisms of this interesting gene in psychosis. Her other scientific interests include the mechanisms and pathways of neurodevelopment and neurodegeneration and how environmental factors (e.g., viral infections, pollutants) affect these key phenomena. She also currently hold the position of Volunteer Coordinator for the Baltimore Underground Science Space (BUGSS), a community non-profit public laboratory offering classes, seminars, and lab access so that anyone can safely and affordably investigate the living world. Outside of the lab, Sterling fosters dogs, runs marathons, and spends most days cuddling with her dog and enjoying life with her partner in Baltimore.

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