Genomics Resource Center - Luke J. Tallon

Luke J. Tallon, Scientific Director, is responsible for the scientific oversight of the Genomics Resource Center, including the high-throughput sequencing platforms, the LIMS, sequence data processing and analysis systems, and laboratory and informatics R&D projects. Luke provides scientific guidance to researchers on the application of each sequencing platform and analysis of resulting data. Over the past 14 years, he has developed expertise in high-throughput genome and transcriptome sequencing, assembly, finishing, variant detection, and analysis. Under Mr. Tallon's leadership since its inception in 2007, the GRC has conducted more than 450 sequencing projects generating more than 22 trillion basepairs of data from more than 7,000 biological samples. Prior to joining IGS in July 2007, Mr. Tallon served as co-director of the genome finishing group and manager of the production assembly and sequence data management team at TIGR/JCVI. He directed more than 70 genome projects and led the development and implementation of software pipelines for genome assembly and finishing, sequence analysis, and data management.

Recent Publications

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